Exhibition participants reviews 2023

Parking Russia 2023
First of all, the goal was to show our company and equipment. Did it succeed? Yes, of course. People, looking at our equipment, are just delighted, they just haven't seen something like this.

The impressions from the exhibition are only positive. In the first days, there was no shortage of visitors at our stand, about 6-7 people at the same time per stand employee.

Sergey Shuklin, a leading specialist of the EHS project of Pandora

All three days of the exhibition, in our common opinion, showed the highest degree of productivity and were held in an atmosphere of very active business communication.

We noted the great interest in our products from professionals working in the field of equipment and technologies for parking lots and parking lots at residential, commercial and infrastructure facilities, because the topic of charging infrastructure for cars with electric motors is very relevant today

The Pandora team
Prosto mesto
It is a new experience for me to become a participant in the exhibition. And it turned out to be very interesting. Preparations for the event were in full swing for several months. I have often heard the opinion that this budget can be sent somewhere else, it is not worth it.

I will say for myself: if you need to declare yourself on the market, you need to promote a new product, such events must necessarily be. This is not only brand awareness, but also the fastest way to collect feedback, communicate with a large number of potential partners and users, and find out their wishes. And, of course, to find new partners, get a lot of insights on further development and promotion. And it's definitely worth the money spent. The principle is always simple: if you want to earn, invest. Development is impossible without investment.

Three days at the Parking Russia exhibition flew by in one breath. I am very pleased with the result. It was a valuable experience both for me personally and for the "Prosto Mesto" project

Rafael Gabidullin, CEO of "Prosto Mesto" project
At the exhibition, we present our parking line called Tegra. This solution allows you to automate parking lots of different directions and scales.

We will still evaluate the results of this exhibition, but even current impressions suggest that the exhibition is more dynamic and stormy than in previous years, judging by the interest of customers and the specifics of these customers. There was a target audience.

A good indicator is that our catalogues, the number of which we had planned based on the previous exhibition, unexpectedly ended in the middle of the exhibition, we had to bring more. This indicates the high interest of specialists.

We see that interest in parking is growing every year, and new technologies will be actively introduced.

Sergey Agapov, Commercial Director of Tagra
Cleverpark photo
Our main task is to dominate the market of parking complex automation systems, and the exhibition was supposed to help us with this. It worked out in many ways.

The overall impression of the exhibition is excellent. The exhibition is very well organized, we liked the support from the organizers, which is a big plus.

Stanislav Kuklev, Head of Marketing Department at Cleverpark
Our company is a leader in the Russian security systems market. We have been in this market for 35 years. At the exhibition, we present our new product – the parking system PERCo.Parking. Our goal was to present our system, show the entry and exit counters, the parking meter, our software, and a comprehensive parking solution.

The overall impression of the exhibition is positive. There was a large number of visitors. Our stand interested the visitors of the exhibition, they came to learn about our company, products, and new products. The design of our products and functionality were positively noted. We were surprised that all the production is our own, we were interested in further cooperation and the acquisition of our system.

Anton Suslovets, Director of the Department of Training and Development of the PERCo dealer network
The main purpose of the participation was to show our products to prospective customers and attract new ones. There are people who are positively minded and interested in our equipment.

An interesting round table on electric charging was held, where important issues of the development of electric charging infrastructure and problems were discussed.

Overall, the impressions are positive, there are a lot of new acquaintances who will be useful to us in the production process. Many visitors liked our products and exchanged contacts with many.

There are prospects for further cooperation.

Ruslan Devlechaev, Director of Drive Energy
At the exhibition, we present carbon monoxide control systems in indoor parking lots.
We set the task to get to know the market, because parking systems occupy a small share in our assortment.

There is a lot of construction in Moscow related specifically to closed parking lots, our goal is to get contacts from industry specialists. Have we managed to achieve our goals? Yes. We have received useful contacts with organizations that we will definitely continue to work with.

We liked everything, I think we will consider re-participation next year.

Kirill Osipenko, Deputy General Director for Development of Informanalitika
АльянсП фото
The purpose of the participation was to show that we have our own production of controllers, and that this system can reduce the cost of parking space in Russia.
The task was implemented successfully. The pool of clients was very focused, there were a lot of savvy people with a narrow specialization: there is something to talk about, a lot of productive acquaintances happened.

Everyone was very interested, we have very good results.

Yuri Vakhrushev, Alliance-P production department
We are developing a hardware and software package for automating the parking space.

The purpose of participation is to attract new customers, get acquainted with the brands currently represented on the market, and update information about them. We were able to present our solution at the conference, we believe that this is a very useful experience for us, and we were able to get to know our customers better. There are successes in terms of getting contacts and, hopefully, further development. The overall impression of the exhibition is positive.

Pavel Babkin, CEO of CarPlace
Карплейс фото
Ноатек фото
NOATEC Group took part in the exhibition. It was not only an opportunity for us to present our solutions for the arrangement of the parking space, but also to share experiences with colleagues, hear expert opinions, meet potential customers and meet partners.

We would like to thank the Organizers for their excellent preparation and attention to detail!

The NOATEK Group team
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Parking Russia 2022
During the first day of the exhibition, we managed to get acquainted with a large number of potential customers who need to install charging stations in parking lots. Shopping centers, owners of parking lots on the territories of other commercial real estate, residential complexes, and representatives of the Administrations of St. Petersburg, Smolensk, Krasnoyarsk came to us - people who are potentially interested in installing charging stations or subsidizing their installation on the territory of the city.
B2B customers buy charging hubs or individual chargers from us for private use. And about B2G, I will say: our customer is also the government. We have built a charging park for electric buses in Krasnaya Pakhra, now we are building 2 more.

Oksana Mamedova, Community Development Manager of Sitronics Electro
This is our first time at the exhibition participating. This is our target event.
Now we are developing in the segment of intelligent video surveillance, introducing solutions for parking spaces, access to the territory. At the exhibition, we managed to get acquainted with major integrators who work in the segment of building shopping centers and business centers, with partners who are interested in developing a comprehensive product: a parking system plus our intelligent video surveillance solution.
I estimate the probability of transactions on contracts from the exhibition by more than 80%, because our solutions are interesting and in demand now in the market as a whole. There are already numerous cases that need to be implemented now.

Anton Skripnik, Head of sales department of TRASSIR
The exhibition pleased with the number of participants, the richness and diversity of the expositions presented, and the interest of the public for all three days of its holding.
First of all, I was pleased with the absence of idle visitors who came "just to see". The colleagues who represented our exposition were in great demand from the moment of the pavilion's opening until its closing, not having time to answer all the questions of interested visitors.
The exhibition introduced us to new potential partners, customers, interested buyers, which gives us confidence in the continued growth of our production, the company itself and the Russian industry as a whole.

Sergey Shalomin, Director of PC TEKHNOLOGIYA LLC
Мехпаркинги фото

Participated in the exhibition for the first time. We evaluate the participation positively.
We have found clients interested in purchasing and implementing mechanized parking projects.

Artem Shcherbak, General Director of Mechanized Parking company
Thank you very much for the well-organized exhibition area. We are very pleased with the participation!
We have experience of participating in larger-scale automobile and construction exhibitions, but Parking Russia, thanks to its narrower specialization and one hundred percent target audience, is 200% effective!

Ekaterina Krasnova, Head of Marketing and Advertising Department of the Adhesive company
This is our first exhibition. I am very pleased with the composition of the visitors. The tasks were successfully solved.
A fairly large audience of visitors came yesterday, many were interested in our solutions. We have already received two interesting projects with implementation, I think, in late winter - early spring.

Lilia Gatina, Director of Metacon company
All three days our company's stand was popular with visitors of the exhibition, representatives of real estate developers, management companies, designers and construction organizations.
We thank the organizers of Parking Russia for this experience, new content, interesting speakers and discussions.

Praspan company team
Епром фото
We are participating in this exhibition for the second year in a row.
Potential customers have already been in the first two days. We plan to hold more detailed negotiations with them. We see that the market of Moscow and the Moscow region is more saturated with electric vehicles than in other regions, so there is interest in our products, it is big and every year more and more. Therefore, we are promoting products in this region to a greater extent. We see a high probability that potential contracts will be signed after this exhibition. We are already implementing projects in the Moscow region, including the supply of fast charging stations.

Marat Nurgaliev, Commercial Director of E-prom company
Parking Russia 2021
Аркона фото
I want to say words of gratitude to the organizers of the Parking Russia 2021 exhibition.
The exhibition was very interesting, useful and productive. Both participants and visitors have been waiting for it for a very long time. Everyone who is directly or indirectly connected with the parking space issue, as an important and integral component of the entire transport infrastructure, has found not only new acquaintances, useful contacts, discoveries, but also solutions to important issues. I consider business specialized exhibitions very useful. Exhibitions allow you to provide all the necessary information about the product here and now and check whether it meets your requirements. At the exhibition, you can get acquainted with new developments that companies are only planning to surprise the consumer with. The Parking Russia 2021 exhibition allowed us to take a step in promoting the product to the market for a new target audience: commercial companies. I am very pleased with this event!

Irina Kosterina, Head of Sales Department "ARKONA" company
Parking Russia 2021 has fully met our expectations, and even more than we imagined.
Of course, we were glad that there was such an event where potential customers and partners could meet and communicate with specialists of different companies themselves. We believe that exhibitions of this kind are one of the additional forces and motivations that can push manufacturers to move forward, invent and develop something new.
For us, Parking Russia 2021 has become a great place where we were able to present a parking solution that no one on the market has — a parking system with
QR codes. We have received a lot of interesting questions from customers, partners and fellow manufacturers. But most importantly, we have seen interest in this system, that it can occupy its own segment.

Vladimir Yakovlev, Marketing Director "RPS company
РПС фото
Технология фото
The international exhibition of equipment and technologies for creating a modern parking space Parking Russia 2021 has taken place!
Despite the difficult situation with the pandemic, the organizers and participants managed to please visitors with an exclu-sive program, a good exposition and creative design of the space. We met with clients, colleagues and partners – this is the main thing.
Thanks to everyone who is interested in the development of the industry and was able to attend the event. Everyone we talked to had an interest. The quality of visitor traffic impressed us. In connection with the pandemic, everyone watched each other on social networks, and at the exhibition they managed to meet in person, smile, discuss new prod-ucts and trends. We missed live communi-cation!
These 3 days have been busy. Participation in the event energized us, filled us with new impressions and ideas. We showed how our equipment worked, signed new contracts and received a lot of requests. We are confident that the indus-try exhibition Parking Russia will become regular and will serve as an excellent impetus to the rapid development of the parking industry in Russia.

"TECHNOLOGY" company team
KS Analytics company took an active part in the exhibition Parking Russia 2021 and presented a unique technological solution for parking – autonomous devices LPR BOX ‘Orthus’ / ‘Hydra’.

Thanks to such offline events, it is possible to visually demonstrate the advantages of our autonomous devices for solving parking equipment problems. We thank the organizers of Parking Russia 2021 for the professionalism and high level of organization of the event, as well as assistance in preparing for the exhibition.

Andrey Stepanenko, Director "KS Analytics" company
КС Аналитика фото
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