Russian electric charging stations FORA from JSC "GRPZ" at Parking Russia 2022


The Ryazan State Instrument Plant (JSC "GRPZ") in its technical activities relies on the development and serial production of innovative products, which allows the most efficient use of the potential available at the enterprise in solving import substitution problems.

Russian electric charging stations FORA from JSC
In 2013, within the framework of the competition announced by the Ministry of Industry, Innovation and Information Technologies of the Ryazan Region, JSC GRPZ became the winner of the innovative project "Development and manufacture of experimental samples of charging stations for electric vehicles".
Within the framework of the project on the development and production of promising EZ based on the GRPZ, charging stations were created not only alternating, but also direct current for charging traction batteries of electric vehicles of all types. The main advantage of the DC ECS is a faster charging process (10 times faster than alternating current charging).
According to its technical characteristics, the Russian electric charging station is not inferior to foreign analogues and meets all modern requirements. "FORA" has the ability to charge electric vehicles of any manufacturers.
In comparison with European analogues, the domestic electric charging station "FORA" has the following advantages:
the menu is in Russian, which displays all the current information about the state of the charging station
, but the main thing is that the cost of the power plant is almost twice cheaper
The Ryazan State Instrument Plant will present the Russian ESS "FORA" at its stand at the Parking Russia 2022 exhibition on November 15-17, 2022!
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